I have been coming to Integrative Sports and Wellness and love it. I have seen everyone from spine surgeons, physical therapists, and other muscle specialists and none of them have really been able to help me or lead me in the right direction. In just the few first weeks i went here my activity level completely changed and I can now play golf again pain free the way that i have always wanted to. I can play 18 holes now when i could only play 12-13 holes before my back completely gave out. I love the Kinesio Tape that Dr. Russ puts on my back. In fact that first week I was able to play 36 holes in 2 days and my back was barely even sore after my round. Treatments are definitely helping me! I look forward to the rest of my treatment plan. Thanks for giving my life back. Jake R. Lakeway Tx

Jake R
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Dr. Russell Jepson DC- A research based, hands on treatment that addresses the structure and function of the body. We recognize the importance of specific adjustments in both the spine and extremities. We also believe that addressing the soft tissue is an important and often overlooked component to comprehensive care as well. 

Integrative Medicine

Dr. Bryan Jepson MD Medical Director-

Integrative Sports and Wellness Medical Center

Graston Technique

Is an innovative soft tissue technique, patented form of instrument-assisted tissue

mobilization that enables clinicians to effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restriction 

Active Release Technique

ART is a soft tissue management system that effectively treats soft tissue problems, which frequently do not respond to other traditional treatments.

Kinesio Taping 

The most advanced and recommended taping method for comfort and stability. Enhances performance, reduces pain, promotes healing, and re-educates the neuromuscular system. 

Nutritional Therapy and Supplement/Vitamin Store


Healthy...Inside and Out

Rehab Therapy and Electrical Stimulation Modalities

Massage Therapy





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